Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking for Help with this...

Okay, so I really like this blogging thing but I feel sooo lost. I've seen some great blogs/layouts......how do I find one for myself??

How do I find people with similar interests. I do not see a search area anywhere. If there is anyone out there, send me some bloggin love please!

Oh, and this is my main man...


  1. Hey, here's some bloggy-love!

    I felt the same way for a long time, too. Then I started advertising my blog everywhere. I found you (I think) on Twitter Moms- that's a great place to start.

    To find blogs I was interested in, I just found one or two, and then checked out the blogs on their blogroll. And kept going from there.

    Also, on my Workin in my jammies and lovin' it blog, I have a box that shows Twitter Mom blogs. You can go there and copy one to your blog.


    When you go to blogs, leave a comment. Many bloggers will read their comments and then check out the commenters blogs, too. Also, other people leaving comments may check out your blog as well. I know I do sometimes.

    You can submit your site to a number of places like:


    Also, add your link on Mr. linky on my new blog, Bloggers Connect. I will also add it on the page itself as last weeks "activity" was to find new blogs.

    Good luck- have fun!

  2. I found you on google. I typed in pregnancy blogspot and your blog was listed.