Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello/Sick Little Man

Just stopping in to say, "Hello." I haven't had a chance to post anything lately.

Little man has been sick. Here is the short version...

Little Man, we'll call him LM, had a croupy cough Tuesday night and started acting like he was having difficulty breathing so we gave him a breathing treatment around 11pm. He kept whining in his sleep and vomited a bit around 2am--try not to visualize. Me & LM went downstairs and he was up whining most of the night...very congested. Around 5 am I noticed a fever so I took him to urgent care.

When we got there his temp was 104.3 and his Oxygen level was 88 (should be above 96). They immediately moved us to a room where the doc could see him at all times. They gave him a breathing treatment, a steroid and put him on oxygen. Dr told me LM needs to go to the hospital because of his breathing, that he is very sick and they are calling an ambulance. They gave him a second breathing treatment and tried to put him on an IV but couldn't get his vein--thank goodness. I explained to the doctor that this is how he breathes when he gets sick. She told me that he probably has pneumonia.

Shift Change.

New doc comes in, again says LM is very sick. I explain the breathing thing and he tells me LM will probably be in the hospital for a couple days and that he (the doc is not leaving the area until the ambulance arrives). We get in the ambulance and LM's stats are normal. He starts to talk to the paramedic a bit. About an hour after getting to the hospital and having xrays and nose/throat cultures he starts smiling and talking to everyone. They told us there is no pneumonia, its a virus, that we can go and to come back if his breathing gets bad again.

The Good thing is there is no pneumonia. The bad or irritating thing is, I kinda knew that. But, what do you do? You don't want to argue with the doctor and then be wrong.

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